Sunday, September 04, 2011

UN COEUR EN HIVER (Claude Sautet, 1992)

Emmannuelle Béart plays a dour, meticulous, paradisiacally beautiful violinist. André Dussolier is her astonishingly patient lover. Daniel Auteuil is his best friend, and the man Emmannuelle truly loves. And he is drawn to her too, so much so that his friend will politely look the other way when she decides to throw herself at him, not realising that - hélas! - Auteuil is a Man Incapable of Love.

Yes, it's that kind of French movie. They all get together in tastefully lit venues with not a poor person in sight, communicate in strictly ponderous dialogue, smile only in order to express ungraspable pain. You want to go up to each person individually and give them a good shake.

The leads are casually arresting and Sautet utilises Ravel to sneakily hypnotic effect. But this is shallow stuff.

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