Friday, August 13, 2010

MIFF - Part Two

Three more MIFF reviews - of three fabulous fabulous films - published over at ABC:

Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives
There is depth here, and great beauty, and hints of even greater depths of beauty that might not be immediately perceptible.
The Messenger
It isn't necessarily the battered, soul-searching monologues that drive home the point so much as the small, left-field details such as Morton's young son cowering in fear before the traditional gun salute at his father's funeral. These details accumulate to form a bracing, unusually thought-provoking alternative to the clammy, warmed-over homilies of the recent glut of Oscar-baiting anti-Iraq-war ponderosities.
And what may very well turn out to be my movie of the year:
Certified Copy
You can engage with "Certified Copy" on the level of dialectics, or you can let it wash over you. Ideally you could do both. Let it linger in your mind as well as in your senses, and you will spend several days breathing in the Tuscan light and reawakening to your burning love for Juliette Binoche.



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