Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Simpsons Movie (David Silverman, 2007)


I'm a Simpsons nut to the extent that I even enjoy most of the new episodes. I was never going to be the most objective viewer of the movie. So that I loved every second of it probably means nothing to the greater world. All I can tell you in my defence is that my stomach literally began to hurt from laughing around the time Ralph Wiggum was singing along to the 20th Century Fox jingle and the pain didn't get a chance to subside before that final crack about what 4 years of film school gets you (hello!). What a great year 2007 is turning out to be - it's already come up with a Romanian abortion drama and a Simpsons movie, both note-perfect. I'm confused by the latter's 80% at Metacritic - was it possible to have reservations about it? Marginally more objective comments to follow. (Ditto, the MIFF wrap-up - I forgot how swamped with work I get right after the festival.)


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