Sunday, August 12, 2007

MIFF has ended on a high note (for me)

With a special screening of Ingmar Bergman's jaw-dropping The Silence. (And the end of MIFF also means I finally get the chance to program an Ingmar Bergman retrospective in my very own lounge room.)

Today I also caught:

Jellyfish (Shira Geffen, Etgar Keret, 2007)

The Mourning Forest (Naomi Kawase, 2007)

After the Wedding (Susanne Bier, 2006)

Paprika (Satoshi Kon, 2006)

Comments to follow (tomorrow, most likely).

Overall, it's been an impressive year - a vast improvement on the previous, generally paltry one. I sat through 61 sessions in total (missed my personal record by 4). I wish I didn't go against my better judgment and sit through so many ponderous mood pieces by well-regarded directors who should know better. But the moody abortions were a minority, and fortunately obliterated in my memory by the particularly great works of Shohei Imamura, tonight's Bergman classic, a pile of contemporary Asian gems, a solid amount of European ones, and - above all - that Romanian abortion drama. To counterpoint MIFF withdrawal symptoms, I'll draft up my Top 10 MIFF-list tomorrow.


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