Sunday, July 08, 2007

Slumming (2006)



A rare and accomplished foray into fiction for well-regarded documentarian Michael Glawogger, it concerns the crossed fates of, among others, an alcoholic bum and a couple of bored rich kids with a taste for degrading every person they meet. Glawogger shows great skill in drawing up and piercing complex, unconventional psychologies as well as an infectious sense of adventure. He directs his film with a youthful energy, while at the same time displaying a refreshing awareness of a greater world existing beyond the twenty-something slacker milieu that transfixes the vast majority of young filmmakers.

dir: Michael Glawogger
wr: Barbara Albert, Michael Glawogger
cast: August Diehl, Paulus Manker, Michael Ostrowski, Pia Hierzegger, Maria Bill, Martina Zinner, Brogitte Kren, Loretta Pflaum, Martina Poel, Andreas Kiendl, Dragana Mirkovic


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