Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Bubble (Eytan Fox, 2006)


There were bits of artifice in Eytan Fox's previous films, but the characters were so vivid and engaging that it was easy to overlook the numerous plot contrivances. This is also the case with a large chunk of his latest film, concerning a gay relationship that sparks up between a Palestinian and an Israeli Jew. Even if the characters are idealised, sitcom-friendly variations on breathing people and the dialogue is for the most part either expository or trite, you're eager to forgive Fox because their affection for each other is palpable and, honestly now, how many directors thusfar have offered up a twenty-something-dating-hipster perspective on the Palestinian issue? But as the coincidences start piling up, the characters' actions grow increasingly erratic and contradictory, and the plot takes roughly six too many hysterical detours, the film's unsteady topicality veers into exploitation.


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