Thursday, July 26, 2007

Beauty in Trouble (2006)

Czech Republic

In Jan Hrebejk's family dramedy, Anna Gaislerova ditches her virile but ineffectual husband just before he gets sent to prison, then gets involved with a much older, much richer man.
Hrebejk never heard a sensitive-new-age-adult-alternative track too maudlin, and he never saw a montage too insurance-ad-like. But he can spot a sharp script. Furthermore he can build a portrait of unrelenting evil of caricaturish proportions and, enormously aided as he is by his actors, render it completely life-like and convincing (ditto angelic good-heartedness). A lot of his skill in these situations stems from his understanding that lives which to the average comfortably-well-off filmmaker would appear strange and messy, to the people living them are, if anything, plain and mundane.


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