Tuesday, June 26, 2007

An Unmarried Woman (1978)


Paul Mazursky's wry, seasoned, warm though unsentimental look into Jill Clayburgh's divorce and recovery after a 16-year marriage. Mazursky's grasp over the craft is rudimentary - he's shot it the way you would a feature-length sitcom, with a cutesy, jazzy Bill Conty score and everything - but he's working off a terrific script and his handling of his actors is masterful. Clayburgh won laurels for her sassy, ballsy divorcée, though hers is only one of an ensemble's worth of uniformly, sensationally authentic performances.

wr/dir: Paul Mazursky
cast: Jill Clayburgh, Alan Bates, Michael Murphy, Patricia Quinn, Kelly Bishop, Lisa Lucas, Linda Miller, Cliff Gorman, Andrew Duncan, Penelope Russianoff


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