Friday, May 11, 2007

Noise (2007)


A meditative police procedural with pretensions of exploring the human condition. Writer-director Matthew Saville imagines that he is working with a scope far greater than the story allows, and there are implausibilities along the way, as well as several shaky monologues. But his crafting of the film is quite elegant and the performances - ranging from Brendan Cowell's subtle, sensitive, readily self-deprecating work in the lead to the gentle slang and stark, lived-in faces of the supporting actors (and even the extras) - are each and every one a thing of beauty.

wr/dir: Matthew Saville
ph: Laszlo Baranyai
pd: Paddy Reardon
sound design: Emma Bortignon
cast: Brendan Cowell, Maia Thomas, Katie Wall, Fiona Macleod, Nicholas Bell, Henry Nixon, Maude Davey, Luke Elliot, Simon Laherty


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