Thursday, May 24, 2007

Love and Death (1975)


Possibly the best thing to come out of Woody Allen's daffy, pre-Annie Hall phase. It's a bit like if the Marx Brothers in their prime took on the past couple of centuries of earnest Russian literature (along with the past couple of decades of earnest Ingmar Bergman). As the village coward who is forced to fight Napoleon's army, Allen is terrific (though technically he does nothing here he hadn't already done and wouldn't go on to do many times over), but as the woman he loves, Diane Keaton is downright revelatory. Seen here years before she adopted and grew suffocated under her neurotic affectations, she is fresh, energetic and completely adorable for her unflappable commitment to the picture's lunacy.

wr/dir: Woody Allen
cast: Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Alfred Lutter, Harold Gould, George Birt, Tony Jay, Jessica Harper

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